SRI thanks Yannis Corovesis for the following information.

The ARIADNE Network (ARIADNet) is open to all members of the Research Academic
Community in Greece. It is also open to some Industrial R&D companies. The ARIADNE NOC is at the Demokritos Research Centre in Attica.

Most Research Institutes and Universities are connected via a private backbone of more than 20 leased analog circuits (9.6 kbps). Athens (Attika) is in the center of the network, with the peripheries stretching to Thrace, Macedonia, Ipeiros, Peloponnese, and Crete.

Recently, there is demand for ARIADNE services by a wider community, beyond that currently covered by State and CEC financing, and a study is underway to devise a financial cost/charging scheme to cover operational costs.

The Intemational Networks Internet, COSINE-MHS, COSINE-IXI, BITNET, EUnet and the CERN DECnet may be accessed from ARIADNE.

The ARIADNE Network cunently offers the following services:

  • Remote login via PAD or TELNET .
  • E-Mail {RFC 822, X.400 and gateway RFC 987).
  • File transfer via FTP and Kermit, and anonymous FTP to fetch RFCs, FYls,
    and UNIX configuration files.
  • Dial-up on 5 telephone lines for PC users (1200-9600 bps, MNP error correction), including provision of a mailbox.
  • Pythia, an information server for browsing information ?n keywords about networks and related topics, cunently at an embryonic stage.

Plans for the ARIADNE Network include:

  • Immediate plans are the upgrade of Intemational connectivity to 64K (this is an IXl line). Also a leased line running TCP/IP to CERN is being installed.
  • ARIADNE backbone is to receive 10 cisco Routers (cunently installed).
  • Build an X.400 backbone (10 sites) in 1992-1993.
  • Install 10 network servers over the backbone in 1992.
  • A supercomputer, CONVEX, to be installed in Demokritos by September 1992 and made available to ARIADNE users for projects in physics, meteorology , environmental pollution, space, and defense.
  • Mass publish a Network Users Guide fully in Greek, with examples and explanations.

For additional information about ARIADNE network contact:

ARIADNE Network Help Desk
+30 1 6513392
+30 1 6536351
FAX: +30 16532910
FAX: +30 16532175
E - Mail help via:
BITNET : postmast@grathdem
COSINE-MHS: S=postmaster; OU=isosun; O=ariadne-t; P=ariadne-t; C=gr;
Y annis Corovesis
C=gr; ADMD= ; PRMD=ariadne-t; OU=isosun; S=corovesis; G=yannis;
Takis Telonis

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